James and Emily- Lake Tahoe

We are so thankful that we found Jet Set Cleaning to take care of our home. The house is always perfect. They are extremely reliable, thoughtful, trustworthy and kind. We have never had any issues in the 4 years we have used this company and are very happy with Jet Set Professional Cleaning services.

Jen- Monterey Bay

Jet Set is —hands down — the finest professional cleaning Company we have ever hired. They did an impeccable job on both our home, and my office. I still wonder how they got our wood floors to shine like they did. I did not expect them to far exceed what other cleaners have done. Amazing. My Jet Set Pro is a treasure.

Jane-Monterey Bay

Jet Set Professional Cleaning is very meticulous and hard-working. JS is also very flexible and generous – we are a church and sometimes have to ask them to adjust their schedule to accommodate special events. I’m pretty sure they often gives us more time than we are paying for!

Susan- Lake Tahoe/ Silicon Valley

Jet Set Professional Cleaning always has a personable and professional team, and are expert at getting things clean. We have have a home in Lake Tahoe and the Silicon Valley and the JS Team cleans both….they are simply the best and we recommend them without any reservation.

Nada- Silicon Valley

The JS team has been helping us clean our home for the past five years. They are extremely friendly, highly responsive and so trustworthy. They also uses environment friendly / non-toxic cleaning products which I like since I have toddlers at home. I like how our house look like and smells after they finish cleaning. I do recommend Jet Set Cleaning for everyone.

Adrienne- Lake Tahoe

Is there a SIX star option??! I seriously cannot say enough about Jet Set Cleaning and thier professionalism and patience. A few mishaps that were completely my fault occurred and they handled it with such grace. I very much appreciate them taking me on as a client and can safely say anyone would be lucky to have the Jet Set Team!

Monterey Bay

Jet Set is wonderful. They are considerate of my sensitivities and uses only low odor, natural cleaning products. The house looks beautiful when their team member is done. More importantly, I and my husband love knowing our cleaning professional will take care of everything.

Sara- Silicon Valley

Our Jet Set Professional does an amazing job and has such attention to detail. Our house always looks and smells so wonderful after they have come, and that’s hard to do, considering we have large, messy, long haired cats. We are so thankful for their work and the Jet Set Clean team!

Heather- Lake Tahoe

Jet Set Clean is the standard every other home cleaning company should live by. I could smell how good my house smelled from the garage. Everything looks great. Originally hired my JS professional because he they very trustworthy and responsible. Now, I’m going to keep hiring him because the fantastic job he did.

Lee and Gordon-Lake Tahoe

Our Jet Set Professional was phenomenal. I’ve had house cleaners recently, but JS came in and did a thorough and complete cleaning. He found spots that had been previously missed. The sinks look absolutely fantastic, as does the kitchen floor and carpet. We did a walk through and I was so pleased with the helpful items our Jet Set Professional brought to my attention. Great personality as well!

Sheri- Lake Tahoe

Our JS Professional was on time, very personable and did an excellent job! They really love what they do and the price was very reasonable! My Pro also seems very flexible, unlike another cleaning company I used previously.

Blake- Silicon Valley

Jet Set are amazing at what they do! I am always very pleased with the level of effort my Pro puts into their work, it is evident the moment you walk in the door. They are great to work with, very accommodating, and a genuine people. Thanks Jet Set Team!

Angela- Silicon Valley

My Jet Set Professional was very nice and took the time to meet with me and go through my house to find out what I wanted before they began. They keep in touch with me via text and do a fabulous job! I have two cats at home and my Pro makes sure to use pet-friendly products. It has been a wonderful experience and their service is worth every penny! Thank you very much!

Albert O Gomes, Weatherford, Tx

“Albert Gomes Jet Set has cleaned my homes in Texas, Reno Nevada & in California I have always been so happy with the cleaning they do everything is always spotless and they have had to deal with really bad shower floors always getting them clean we have always been disappointed with any other cleaning service”