About Us

JS is different Very different

Our founder, having utilized cleaning companies for years, saw there was a great need. A need for cleaning professionals that were punctual, thorough, honest and worked independently. These criteria have made us very successful in what we do. Other than training, we always have one dedicated professional for each client, every appointment. We are in the relationship business. And the most important thing is trust and reliability. Our founder did not like the groups of people coming in to his home every week. It was not only impersonal, but he never new who was in his family personal space. They would change every week, not knowing when they would show up. With one professional, you always know who is in your personal space. The Jet Set team works hard to arrive as close to the scheduled time as possible and you will know them, so that will have a good relationship and trust in them. Jet Set Pro Cleaning has a ZERO tolerance policy in regards dishonesty. And we mean ZERO.

Our Values

Well, the best must cost more, right? No. Absolutely not. From the beginning, the JS way of conducting business was that of being the absolute best at what we do, so much so we don’t have competition. All with adding the most value to the lives of others. While you do get what you pay for, we feel it is also better to give than to receive, so we charge a very comparable rate and always give our best, happily exceeding others. Our founder has always worked to give the best value for a professional experience better than you would receive anywhere else.

Assembled Custom Just For You

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